Ikea monkey vs gum-chewing monkey

Everyone is going crazy about this monkey-in-an-awesome-shearling-coat who was loose in a Toronto Ikea.


Where was the world when I blogged about this monkey on the Abu Dhabi Corniche, who wore jeans, a T-shirt, a belt (!) and played with the gum he was chewing.

Yes that's right. Played with the gum he was chewing. 


Jennifer J said…
LOVE this! I felt like I went to sleep last night and woke up to the whole internet going crazy about Ikea Monkey (had to quickly catch up)
JP said…
I'm sure you've already heard, but the owner is taking it to court, in an attempt to have the monkey returned to her.
She's stated that she'll leave Toronto and move to a city that permits owning a monkey if he is returned.
I'm torn between thinking that this lady is nuts, and being very curious as to what city in Canada allows monkeys as pets, because surely that city knows how to party; re: barrel of.

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