2013 must do: More Love Doughnuts

Have you had a bite from Love Doughnuts yet? Um, why not? I can quite honestly guarantee you will love everything about it.

It's not just the out-of-this-world doughnuts that not only break the mould - and they are amazing. Wasabi cheesecake? Peanut butter banana, anyone?

Also, seriously, don't bother with gelato anywhere else. Currently vanilla with chili and salty caramel are my faves.

Love Doughnuts is in the Guardian Tower building by 31st Street. Go.


Abu Dhabi Blog said…
Question is, where can you get cinnamon and raisin bagels in Abu Dhabi?
This is a very predictable answer, coming from me! But honestly? Tim Hortons sells those, don't they?
Shelly Neale said…
My husband Owen and I are moving to Abu Dhabi soon, is there a Tim Hortons in Abu Dhabi?! If so, I won't be as sad about moving from Canada.
Hi Julie! Yes there definitely is, I still can't get over the fact that they are here. So far there are outlets at Mushrif Mall and Abu Dhabi mall, but many more are due to open.

Not nearly as ubiquitous as they are in Canada, but still pretty cool.

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