Friday, December 28, 2012

Headline: Paris & Disney and Vegas, oh my

I am heading to Paris tomorrow (yippee!!!!), where I am hoping very much for a relaxing five days of eating, grape beverage-sipping, people-watching and hanging with a cool guy and his even cooler seven-year-old daughter. (I am also hoping not to be mugged, which is what happened when I visited about 11 years ago. But I am a much more savvy traveller these days, so fingers crossed!)

One of the coolest parts of this trip, for me (and the seven-year-old, I'd wager) is a planned visit to Disneyland Paris. Sure, it'll be cold, but we are tough Canadians and will bundle accordingly. I love Disney more than anything, and going there is reminding me of one of the best trips I've ever taken, which happened seven or eight years ago. 

A press trip to Walt Disney World in Florida, for the launch of the Mission: Impossible ride - complete with real-life astronauts (cool) and then on to Las Vegas, for a wedding and weekend at Caesar's Palace. (coolest) I am not sure if anyone else would combine these two stops into one frenetic week; for one thing, as I was flying from Florida to Nevada, I realised that the US is a lot bigger than I bargained for. That would normally sound stupid, but look where I am coming from!

But if you ever were to decide you wanted the best of both worlds in one vacation (and could somehow leave the kids with Grandma and Grandpa), I highly recommend the world's best children's playground and it's counterpart for adults. 

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