Tim Hortons in Abu Dhabi: Abu Dhabi Mall edition

I was walking by the mall the other Friday afternoon, in the very best of moods. I'd just seen a picture of my healthy new nephew, all safe and sound out of his mom's belly. I was also going for a massage, which I was very much looking forward to - and because I'd taken Saturday off I had a whole other day of my weekend to look forward to.

And then, when I didn't think my day could get any better, I saw this:

A Tim Hortons! At a mall I go to ALLTHETIME.


Anonymous said…
Has one Tim Hortons in Mushrif Mall too. Tim Hortons is the best.
Moe said…
Ah the irony. The "real" Canadian embassy in the building that has the "useless" Canadian embassy.

If you're a Canadian living in the UAE, you know exactly what I am talking about. And if you're one of the useless idiots working up on the 9th floor of the Abu Dhabi Mall towers, I say this: more work, less timmies -- this isnt Sussex drive (or Laurier Drive, if you're with CIC -- equally as retarded, but much nicer people!)

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