Bagged it: Naked Kate Walsh Shape cover too hot for UAE

I read this issue on my iPad on vacation in Bali a couple of weeks ago, where things are different from here and I didn't give it a second thought. (Other than 'wow does Kate Walsh look good for any age, let alone 44' and 'where are my shoes I am going for a run now')

But then I was in Spinney's this morning gazing at the magazine rack and caught myself wondering why Shape was in a plastic bag.

The cover uncovered after the jump...

Yep, all that chaste nudity and conveniently-placed shadowing was too much for the censors. And although as we know, those guys love their black markers to cover errant bare bottoms and excessive cleavage (although less and less these days than when I arrived four years ago, I'd argue purely from my perspective as a reader), it's pretty rare for them to go to these lengths to cover a cover of a fitness magazine.

I also love the title of the inside spread:

When you think about it, Walsh's cover is not that much more outrageous than the shot Shape Middle East put on its front this month. In fact I'd argue she's showing less skin than British radio personality Lisa Scott-Lee.

From my perspective, it's all good, even this, if that's how you roll.


Heya ya Haya said…
There's so much cleavage and flesh on proud display at all times across the Emirates, one would think there is no real need to cover up the mag. But I am guessing it is done as insurance against traveling Khaleejis from across the border who would otherwise have left the magazine dog-eared.

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