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I am an Arts&Life editor in Abu Dhabi who was a columnist, blogger and trends writer in Canada before I picked up and moved to the UAE in April 2008. I am still here!!! 

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Shout out to InterNations: Thanks for reading, guys!

Thanks to the expat organisation InterNations, who have chosen A Canadian in Abu Dhabi as a top blog in the emirate and chose yours truly as the first local blogger to be profiled. Much appreciated.

InterNations is website that draws expats together online, with varying levels of free and paid memberships, but they also hold regular get-togethers out in the real world that I always intend to go to.

They have been in Abu Dhabi for a while now and have built up a real community. So if you feel like branching out and meeting other expats from around the world, check them out. 


D. Waite said...

Hi Ann Marie! No surprise you were voted the best blogger in Abu Dhabi. You're still the only blogger I regularly read. I always get worried when too much time goes by without a new entry. Keep up the amazing job!

Anonymous said...

My god - this just goes to shows the abysmal state of the written word (and of thought) in the UAE. If this blog is deemed good, heaven help us.