Thursday, January 5, 2012

Today in strange group-buying offers for the UAE: The Snuggie

I just left Canada, Toronto specifically, where it was minus 15 Celsius and very snowy. Brrrr, a Snuggie would have come in handy. (And I have, while living back there, secretly coveted one). But as a Groupon offering in Sharjah and the Northern Emirates? I know it gets a bit less-hot at night in January, requiring a sweater or perhaps a light jacket, but seriously? I am wearing flip-flops right now.

Oh well, 17 people thought "Yes!" when they saw this and so and the deal is on people.


James O'Hearn said...

Only minus 15? Meh. That's only a hair past wearing shorts weather. That's why I loved living in Toronto. Never got as cold as Ottawa or Winnipeg....mind you Vancouver's got Toronto beat by a bit.

Why would the popularity of the Snuggie be a mystery? When I teach, my students get up in arms when I turn the temperature "down to freezing", or what the rest of the world refers to as 21 Celcius.

Anything below 25 to 26 C is considered dangerously cold out here.

Also, people raised here get sleepy when it gets cold, a result of going to sleep with the AC on. Whereas in Canada we tend to feel sleepy in warmth, for the opposite reason.

In a land full of shared beds, a private blanket is worth more than gold.

Ann Marie said...

So true James. And that would also explain the guy I saw wearing earmuffs and a puffy coat once when it was about 15 out :)

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