Coldplay in Abu Dhabi on New Year's Eve: If only it were possible to be on two continents at once

I made a decision to stay in Canada a little longer this holiday, soaking up the love from family and some friends (hopefully giving a little back) – but it meant I had to give up my ticket for Coldplay's New Year's Eve show. (Instead I babysat my amazing niece while my brother and his wife slipped out for a little early dins. It was a pretty good trade)

Judging from these pics and Saeed Saeed's review in The National, it was a great show. Not sure I missed being in all that traffic though.


Julian Si said…
HAPPY NEW YEAR to you from a Malaysian here in the desert ;-)

Whilst you couldn't be home .. I am sure you enjoyed the gig. Coldplay were brilliant :-)

LoLy said…
Happy New Year :)
Coldplay were amazing

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