Dubai largesse hits a new (low) high OR If you have ever been embarrassed by your bar bill

The National published an awesome story yesterday about a crazy-high bar bill from the Cavelli Club in Dubai's Fairmont Hotel that's gone viral (full disclosure: the Dubai Fairmont is a regular advertiser on this blog). The tally from Sunday night's shenanigans? Dh387,988, or more than $107,000 Canadian. As a non-high flier, I don't even understand some of the items on this bill – although I can't help but think the group was overcharged when they paid Dh125,000 for one bottle of Cristal. Outrageous. Also, these people drink WAY too much Diet Coke. (24; Dh528) I loved the first (and cheapest) item on the bill: Dh120 or about 32 bucks for a small birthday cake.

I am not entirely sure this bill is even real. It seems to be missing things, for example the section where they add up and break down the 10% municipality fee and the 10% service charge. But hey, maybe rich people don't care about things like that. Adding further credence, the club's operation manager David Lescarret told The National: “Spend of this nature is not unusual at Cavalli Club".

Regardless, there has been lots of chirping on Twitter etc about how far this kind of cash would go in say, the UAE's impoverished neighbour India.


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