Tim Hortons in Abu Dhabi: It's here, I went there

Happy sigh. Smile. Medium with milk.

My friend, who is British, asked a staffer if a lot of Canadians had been by. "Too many", he said, to which we laughed hysterically. ("Too many" or "too much" is what a lot of people from these parts say when they mean "a lot", and that's what this guy meant too, but it was funny still)

I had a lovely chat with a fellow Canadian and his American wife, both of us kind of giddy and talking about why we love the place so darn much. Here I am with all the staffers.


Jennifer J said…
The Dubai one is always packed every time I drive past it on SZR, hope the same thing happens for the AD location!
Zia M. said…
THERE'S A TIMMIE'S IN ABU DHABI?!! Wow. I really need to re-visit the country some time. Thanks for writing about it!

Zia from Toronto, former AUH resident.

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