Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Try to find something like this in a Canadian shopping centre: Ibn Battuta Mall, Dubai

And while you are there, drop by the
Lime Tree Cafe and try an ultra-delish
Watermelon Fizz:


RiyadhRoad said...

Ok, I see this is going to be a battle of drinks.
I agreed with your Apple Ginger drink at Jones the Grocer in Abu Dhabi, but
for Ibn Battuta Mall, seriously, how can you not recommend Yogen Fruz?

Oh, wait. Drinks. Not Frozen Yogurt. Sorry.

Ok, I'll drop by LimeTree when I go back if you try the Frozen Yogurt.

Apart from that, fun mall. Fun/sad part for me - it's older than Dubai and Emirates mall, yet it has more "knowledge" packed in. Each section refers to a continent visited by Ibn Battuta, and you have displays explaining what he saw.
Nobody does that any more.

Seabee said...

Did you realise the elephant thing is 'just' a clock?

Jocelyn said...

Interesting. I'm in Turkey this year, and quite a few things feel reeeaaaally foreign. Yet I, a good Minnesotan, look at your photos and think they resonate with the Mall of America--so, on some level, heading further east makes things feel more like at home.

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