SJP on Abu Dhabi: "A lifestyle that most of us only dream about"

"It was actually prompted by (the director) Michael Patrick King. He wanted to take us out of our comfort zone and put us in a completely different culture so he thought of the Middle East, the new Middle East. And the UAE is now one of the most exotic, sought-after locations in the world, a place that is completely modern and entirely traditional and by having Carrie and company take a holiday in Abu Dhabi, our characters and audiences get to experience a lifestyle that most of us only dream about."
-Sarah Jessica Parker, on setting most of Sex and the City 2 in the capital, to Emirates Woman


rosh said…
Good / decent, easy on the eyes & the mind movie. Please bring along the Sense of Humour. Do not leave it home like some movie critics :)
Anonymous said…
One of the worst movies I have ever seen!!!

It is offenisve to women and to literally everyone that took part in it!

Is this what post-modern feminism is all about? Gucci and Prada???

What a joke!!!

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