The end is coming, just thought you should know

I pulled up behind this guy the other day (I am on vacation in Canada, and was in Ottawa) and he had a message. I thought I should pass it along. This is the best part, though:


Dave said…
If its true and the hour of death is upon us I am taking up smoking again!!
somedaysidraw said…
cover up the back window! its not like hes gonna need it on the road!SMDH!!!
Bob LeDrew said…
It must be kind of sad to believe stuff like this. My prediction: this person sees the vast majority of the world as sinful and evil and himself as one of the few who are good.

Moreover, any difficulty or problem he encounters is either looked at as a work of the devil or as a trial set in front of him to test his faith.

It must be disillusioning for people who believe this stuff to have the world NOT end, eventually.

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