Nepal: Land of yummy appetizers and mean mosquitos

I just returned from a four-day jaunt to Kathmandu (and again, have to thank the travel gods who brought me to Abu Dhabi, the place in the centre of it all). The place is brilliant. Desperately poor, but full of life and character and colour. We stayed at an amazing, quaint hotel called Dwarika's (not the cheapest option in a land where most everything is underpriced) and took little jaunts out into the city, up into the mountains and to a truly cool medieval city. More on that later. 

I may or may not have had my legs permanently disfigured by a nasty band of mosquitoes, who spent several hours feasting on my calves the first evening as we dined al fresco by the pool. I am now well-acquainted with the manure-esque scent of calamine lotion, and, although a dedicated skirt-lover, am considering investing in a dozen pairs of pants. (And by pants I mean the North American, not British, version)

For now, I introduce you to the little bundles of deliciousness, sticky dumplings and their lovely, spicy sauces, which I cannot get enough of, known as mo mo.


Withnail said…
Man, those look so good...
Susan said…
I hate mozzies! We were in Mozambique last year and now I know where the MOZ in Mozambique comes from!!

Dumplings look so yummy though!

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