Or you could just go to a marriage counsellor

Sometimes when I read newspapers over here I think I am still in the west, and forget to prepare myself for stuff like this, from the Gulf News piece Official stresses need for marital reconciliation on Sunday.

Abdul Aziz Al Hammadi, a marriage counsellor at Dubai Courts' Family Guidance and Reconciliation Section, points out there are loads of silly cases of divorce in the UAE. Men, he says, should not be divorcing their wives because they use too much salt in their food or call while he is watching football. (I have a hard time believing anyone would divorce anyone over this, but we are in a place where it is possible for a man to divorce a woman via text message so what do I know).

According to Sharia, a husband is advised to take a more civilised approach to keeping the magic alive.

So says Mr Al Hammadi:

"We call that ... the gradual edifying reconciliation method … whenever a husband notices a bizarre behaviour from his wife, he can advise her, then avoid sleeping with her in one room and if that doesn't work out then he can whip her gently in a manner that makes her understand the situation."


. said…
I notice the article has also been posted under the 'crime' section of the Gulf News website.

mezba said…
How do you whip someone gently?
Susan said…
Oh dear, it would be funny if he didn't mean every word so sincerely!!!
Ace said…
My ex-wife used to be un-communicative on Sundays until I settled in to watch my NFL football games, then she wanted to chat. Go figure.

Maybe she secretly wanted to be "gently whipped". If I would have known this at the time, I might still be married!
Anonymous said…
Whip her in a gentle manner....sometimes the language here just blows me away....
Rina said…
Lol @ the above comments.

What if it was the opposite? I mean what if it was the woman seeing those things on her man?

I bet he'll divorce her right away too. ^^;
Anonymous said…
i need a marriage guidance cousellor in Abu Dhabi

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