I travelled almost 11,000 kilometres from Canada, and still cannot escape Nickelback

Covering them at the Juno Awards, running into lead singer Chad Kroeger and his tight jeans and crispy bleached '80s bob and sinister goatee in malls and bars, reviewing their concerts, putting up with an old boyfriend who loved them – even forking over for two concert tickets so he and someone else could go – and punching the car radio to another station every time the first notes of "This is how you remind me" rasped up... it was all in the rearview mirror when I boarded the plane for the UAE. Frankly, and I did not realise this until just now, but in addition to a wild adventure I have just had 18 months of sweet, sweet peace.

And then this: news the Vancouver band will play Dubai's Gulf Bike Festival, Feb 4-6.

I am pretty sure I must rearrange my stereo wires that week.


V86ers said…
I share your pain: same thing happened to me with Shakira...
I was happy to escape her (in my opinion) terrible voice/songs when I migrated from Colombia to Canada 12 years ago (she was already pretty famous in Latin America then), and then she releases an album in English and becomes famous worldwide :o(
Now that I live in Abu Dhabi, I still hear her on the radio!
Anonymous said…
Somethings in life you just can't escape:) Let us know how the re-wiring whent with your radio LOL
rosh said…
I've never understood why they call it 'The Juno'?

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