This is really mental, even for Dubai

Habtoor Grand Resort & Spa in Jumeirah Beach has hired this contraption, where apparently you can have dinner at great elevation while strapped into your seat. Wine, spirits, tempting gourmet cuisine served by a chef popped up in the middle of the table (although, not that I can spot it, an easily accessible toilet) are all part of the experience. Launches Oct 1 and runs until May.


Seabee said…
It was actually operating at Jumeirah Beach Residence before the summer and I've rarely seen such a stupid idea. Some people obviously disagree though, because people were paying to eat up there.
Paraglider said…
Yep, that's about as looney as it gets. There are two possibilities for a sky-toilet. One is a chemical closet. The other doesn't bear thinking about.
mezba said…
This was on display some time ago in Yonge-Dundas square in Toronto.
Anonymous said…
Hardly about Dubai's mentality!

This is a Belgian-German company which has already hosted these sky events in LA, Paris (with Michelin chefs), Vienna and is even available in Canada.

They've been in the UAE for a while and have been holding events since April 2008.
Anonymous said…
I've been on one. They're great fun. There's a long list of things in the UAE that are more absurd than this.

Briefly: golf courses that consume more water than entire western cities; propane fueled heating stations at Ski Dubai; Atlantis; Wild Wadi; six malls in a 10km square area; cloning camels; Sir Bani Yas Island; the Rainbow Sheik's monster truck Merc; the Rainbow Sheik; the Burj Dubai

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