Quit playing games with my heart, BBs

This is for real. I'm going - and not ashamed to admit it.


Anonymous said…
"and not ashamed to admit it."

uh...really? Who are you trying to convince, me or you? ;-)
Dubai Sunshine said…
I am soooo going as well!
Rina said…
I wish I could go! (>_<)
. said…
I'm amazed Dubai let them in with such an obvious euphemism for a name!
Anonymous said…
I reckon this forum is great. I in all likelihood splash out more leisure on here than most sites nowadays. Most of the community here's genuinely careful and productive and caboodle and it's equitable great.
It would be extraordinarily cool if MoTA got started though. I've not till hell freezes over participated myself, but I checked it excuse and it seems lovely cool.

sorry about my english, im still learning it.

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