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"Most men ask that a woman's height be between 155cm and 170cm, and they want her to have a fair complexion and be young. But I am against such conditions because I am looking to marry off women who have become spinsters. And I cannot promote something unless I have tried it myself. Three of my wives were spinsters when I married them and they are not even that pretty."

-Jaser al Ghanem, a matchmaker in Jordan who promotes polygamy as a solution to spinsterhood


Rich said…
Glad you posted the quote - I just read The National during lunch (a favorite) and saw the quote and laughed out loud. Why would an article like this even be written is beyond me...it certainly shows a side of Jordan that most of us never know or see.

Wonder how the guy in the UAE is doing with his aim of 100 children...?
Heather Jane said…
I would hate to be the crazy cat lady in a country that pities my situation!

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