So May 28 is my birthday...

...yes, I am turning 30 again, hardy har har. (I got that joke for the first time when I was 32 by the way)

I am feeling pretty good about my place in the world - having a reprieve from the wild mood fluctuations which seem to accompany living so far from home, in a hotel, in 45 degree heat, working six-day weeks in a wildly chaotic-but-still-great environment - and looking forward to heading to Cloud 9, a swanky cigars-and-cocktails bar at the Sheraton Hotel, to celebrate a wee bit after the paper goes to bed.

The Brits here tell me I have to bring cakes in for everyone. Not, as I am used to, vice versa. It's their tradition.

Such an odd people, they are.


Pam said…
happy birthday tomorrow AM! We'll have a drink and toast to you. :)
Christy said…
Happy Birthday Girl! congrats on turning 30 again! This time you'll finally get it right? Right?

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