Michael Prentice is daft, I think, or I have but one interest

Soon after I arrived here, I was contacted by an old colleague for Michael Prentice, the (former?) Ottawa Citizen writer who pens the Telling Tales column in Ottawa Magazine.

He wanted to do a bit on my move to Abu Dhabi, and would I mind e-mailing him?

Well, I am not going to lie. I was secretly chuffed that he might think anyone might be interested in my little old life. (More likely they would be saying "who?") So I emailed him a few lines, though not a picture, as he requested, which I am now glad about. A good friend in Ottawa received her Ottawa Magazine last week and kindly transcribed the item, then sent it to me. Here it is:

"Ann Marie McQueen, the 30-something former Ottawa Sun columnist, says she wanted adventure. So she sold her condo in the Byward Market and headed for Abu Dhabi and a rewrite job at a new English-language daily, The National. "I miss Ottawa and all of my good friends there, but I'm sure I've done the right thing," said McQueen, who lists her interest on Facebook as "men". She'll be living in a company apartment. "There is an insane housing shortage here," she reports.

Do you think he was trying to make me sound vapid and boy-crazy, or does he truly not understand Facebook to this shocking extent?


JP said…
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JP said…
Maybe I was a bit quick to comment there. Being your fan, I'm quick to be on your side. Anything less than a glowing review of you leaves me mad.
In the interest of karma and keeping your blog full of positive energy, you should probably delete my first comment.

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