Welcome to the world's largest book, now on display at Al Wadha Mall

I don't think anywhere in the world is more obsessed with Guinness World Records (there is no 'book', it's a common mistake) than the UAE. For example, 2017 kicked off with this largest tin of caviar in Dubai. 

Here's a look at how the country does it, pegged to one of my personal favourites: largest Thai sticky rice with mango. The UAE is also obsessed with making buildings out of things like cake, and the Grand Mosque and the Burj Khalifa out of chocolate, an effort I always enjoy. 

This is Muhammad has already taken five Guinness records as it is, greedy monkey: the largest, longest, heaviest, widest and most expensive. 

At 431 pages, 5 metres in length, 8.06 metres wide (no word on weight), it is definitely also the unwieldiest, so I expect a new announcement about that. It will be on display all through Ramadan and Eid to "promote the nation's culture of tolerance".


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