Meet Giddy, the family-friendly giraffe who lives at Dubai International Airport

I've become a little bit obsessed today with Giddy, the mascot for a restaurant called Giraffe in Dubai International Airport.

My interest was piqued after receiving a press release this morning, titled "Giddy the family-friendly Giraffe enjoys a warm welcome whilst making new friends at Ski Dubai". 

First of all, I love that Giddy gets a press release sent out when he goes somewhere new. And the tag "family-friendly" just sort of suggests that somewhere out there, exists an un-family friendly mascot giraffe. A non-PC mascot giraffe, who loves cigars and strippers. That kind of thing.

I love how you can see the face of the person inside through that netting in his neck. And lastly, look how much fun Giddy is! I mean, the guy is having an absolute ball.


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