Winter in Abu Dhabi: Scenes from a not very cold place

So, yes, it's winter in Abu Dhabi. But even though I have adjusted my internal thermostat over the four years living here and get colder at higher temperatures (I wear tights and boots now, in January, as opposed to sundresses, and that's a good thing because I looked like a freak the first winter I was here)  it's still amazing to me how other people adapt.

Photo courtesy Katie Trotter

Keeping in mind I get that 65 degrees would be chilly, even with bright sunshine, if you are from a very hot country, and also that people get excited to wear their winter clothes here, and sometimes bring them out when they are not really needed, bundled-up-people-watching remains a constant source of entertainment for me these days.

For example, while driving with the windows open and a T-shirt, three-quarter trousers and sandals on, I saw an Ethiopian woman crossing the street with a knit reggae-coloured hat and a thick, matching scarf wrapped around her neck and face, leaving only her eyes. I can't be sure this was not her attempt at a makeshift shayla, of course, but it didn't seem like it. There have been at least 3 earmuff spottings - sadly, I was not able to photo-stalk these subjects for various reasons - and several puffy-coat-over-shalwar-kameez incidents.

Then there were these cosy-looking Uggs, at the local yoga studio:

Anyone else loving this time of year, for this reason? Feel free to send me your snaps. 


Anonymous said…
it's more to show off the winter clothes. also most people don't know what it is like in say 20 F

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