Snap caption: Worst stationEry store ever


Anonymous said…
well, the store *is* stationary. But I agree, it certainly doesn't offer much stationery.
Anonymous said…
Jeez, this woman claims to be a journalist and she fails at one of the commonest spelling trip-ups in English.
Again, "anonymous 2", always so helpful, never rude or judgmental, or casting aspersions, never failing to be understanding that not every person spells every word correctly all the time, that all writers have their blind spots, that we have proofreaders and editors for a reason, but that this is a one-busy woman venture by someone who works full-time, claiming to be a journalist, although an imperfect one, who now and then throws up an attempt at a fun blog post after feeling guilty she hasn't posted in awhile, because there are lots of readers who keep coming back, faithfully, with good intentions.

As always, thanks from the bottom of my heart for looking out for me. You really outshone "anonymous 1", so silly, attempting to point out the mistake in a clever, gentle manner.

You are special, anonymous 2. Be well. (And have fun correcting my spelling and grammar here, too! A new project for you!)

Paul said…
Well, you know what they say: you know you've arrived when you finally have trolls on your site.

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