Does anyone eat this horrid-looking corn shipped to the UAE from England?

I had the most delicious corn-on-the-cob when I was back in Canada this summer. This corn looks nothing like that corn. It costs a lot and well ... it's just not that appealing. Then there is the carbon footprint to consider. Yet there it is, in every supermarket, so someone must be eating it.


Muscato said…
That particular corn, no, but we do eat (when it's available) the South African stuff Spinneys often has. Not cheap, but so tasty it doesn't require butter and salt.

And frankly, if we worried about the carbon footprint with every grocery purchase, we'd eat dates and drink brackish water, and that's about it.
Muscato, that is SO TRUE. I try and trick myself by saying "well the mangoes are from India... that's close!"
Muscato said…
I can see that, actually - Omani stuff when its available, then subcontinental(possibly brought by boat, at least!), then East/South Africa. European, South American, USA, and other further afield only when absolutely necessary.

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