Tim Hortons in Dubai: The National is there

Check out Tahira Yaqoob's spot-on report from the scene of the first Tim Hortons in the Middle East. I love this part:

The entrance is marked by a cheery red sign in English and Arabic reading "Tim Hortons cafe bake shop", Matthew Clarke opens the door with a flourish right on queue, dressed in a hockey shirt and shorts, and announces: "Come on in, the coffee's fresh."

The 50-year-old Emirates pilot from Canada is not even on the payroll; as a customer on his first visit, he is simply over-excited about having a little taste of home in the land where he now lives.

Photo courtesy of James O'Hearn


Anonymous said…
Thought you might enjoy this.
Anonymous said…
C'est super cool! On va pouvoir prendre son Tim. Au plaisir de se voir.

Captain Patrick Vaillancourt si tu vois ca email moi a serge_gregoire@yahoo.com A+

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