Tuesday, September 13, 2011

An open letter to Pizza Hut: It's about your latest crust

Dear Pizza Hut,

Although I can sort of read Arabic symbols after having successfully attended about 2/3 of a beginner Arabic class six months ago, I have yet to figure out how to determine what they mean. Perhaps if I could read the sign, it would say "of course we would never do something like this to pizza, that would be preposterous - so pick up the phone and order a normal pie today!"

Forgive me if that is the message. Because with these ads that have popped up around Abu Dhabi in recent weeks, I believe you have finally gone too far in your efforts at "brainstorming" for "new creations" to entice new customers. What I see on this billboard simply makes no sense. It's not pizza. It's the beginnings of a pizza, surrounded by some sort of baking: a casserole? Non-pork sausage roles? Dinner doughnuts? I remain perplexed.

Yours truly,
Ann Marie


Molly said...

whenever i see this poster i can't help but think of giant toes. eww. definitely makes the pizza super unappealing.

deborah quinn said...

Are they pitching this weird toe-like crust (with what is that, sesame seeds? ALWAYS my first choice in a pizza crust) in the States, is what I wonder when I see these ads, or is this some local franchise hoping to score big with the expats? I'm thinking pizza fail, myself.

deborah quinn said...

I wonder if this toe-like pizza thing is also being marketed stateside or if it's the brainchild of some local franchise owner, hoping to capitalize on expat love of cheese and not realizing that sesame seeds (sesame seeds???) and pizza is an unholy alliance.

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