It's Thursday: Why not kick off the weekend with a Chamas meat fest?

So it's basically one of the best deals around: Chamas, at the Intercon, offers unending meat, tasty salad bar – all deep fried bananas you want – and free-flowing caprihinas for about Dh300. (I say "about" because of the free-flowing you-know-whats.)

I had a hard time getting the hang at first - I thought my "meat" card was a coaster and placed my drink on it, so we just sat there eating salad. Then when I got a clue and flipped it to green, I didn't know that I was supposed to use tongs to grab at the meat. And although I enjoyed this night very much, I have to say in the case of all-you-can-eat meat the line between love and hate is very thin indeed. One second I was munching on some tender ribs, the next I was thinking "maybe vegan is the way to go".

Even better, there are dancing girls.


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