Hey thanks for stopping by! Love your keywords...

As Google Analytics is broken and I don't have the patience to fix it, I have moved to Stat Counter, a new device that lets me see how many people are coming to the blog, from where, and a whole bunch of other cool stuff I am currently addicted to.

But my favourite feature is checking the key words people use, which mistakenly bring them here when in fact they were searching for "abu dhabi" "cellar" and "howard johnson" (I kid you not).

Here are some of today's fun ones, (although I think "loui vuitton steering wheel cover" is one of my faves, I also love the one-two punch of the "do not go to" and "can't leave" abu dhabi:

nigerian girls in abudhabi

hot cat in the city

eat pray love uae

loui vuitton steering wheel cover

text from stranger

do not go to abu dhabi

can't leave abu dhabi


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