The Mastaba: Abu Dhabi’s answer to the pyramids - The National Newspaper

A great piece by The National's Matt Kwong on a plan by the eccentric artists Christo and Jeanne-Claude (island wrappers, orange-flag erectors extraordinaire) more than three decades in the making that could cost up to half a billion US.

(As an aside, Christo and his late wife could teach us all something about tenacity. For the 22 installations they have fought tirelessly for, 37 – including The Mastaba – have never happened.)

ABU DHABI // Taller than the Great Pyramid of Giza and built from thousands of multicoloured petrol barrels, the towering structure in Abu Dhabi’s open desert would be visible from kilometres away.

That is the vision for The Mastaba, a 150-metre high sculpture that has languished on the drawing board for 33 years.


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