You know, those "skinny, pretty women with no morals" who prey on married men whenever they venture into public

It's hot in the UAE by now, freaking really hot (which is why I am sort of irritated at being in Canada in the middle of a heat wave, but whatever) and the summer school break has started. That means some lucky "Jumeirah Janes" and "Abu Dhabi Angies" (I just made that last one up) and their offspring get flown back to parts of origin, or just parts cooler, while hubby works it out with only a couple of weeks to join them. Apparently, according to Annabel Kantaria writing at the Expat - My Telegraph blog, they used to get up to all sorts of shenanigans, but not in 2010. This year, it seems most are limiting themselves to a pint and a pie.

Are Dubai’s summer bachelors a dying breed?


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