Wednesday, August 12, 2009

That's not going to keep it very cold

I was stuck in traffic on Muroor Road yesterday, and when I looked to my right I spotted one of Abu Dhabi's brand-new air-conditioned bus shelters. One guy was sitting inside, and the door was just opening and closing, opening and closing, all on its own.


A Blessing in Tragedy said...

Yes, God forbit a door, which has only one reason for being, to open and close, actually... Open and Close.


JP said...

Remeber back in kindergarden when you'd be a jerk to the person you liked, because you didn't know how to express feelings?
Awww kindergarden memories. Allison was her name and she used to kick me a lot, not super hard but just enough to let me know that she was smitten.

A Blessing in Tragedy said...

That never happened to me. I was sent home the 2nd day for stabbing a kid with the plastic scissors.

rosh said...

I think it's perhaps 'cause that guy is sitting too close to the censors?