A Ramadan story

Muslims are fasting between sunup and sundown: no water, food or cigarettes.

A friend had been telling his wife all about Ramadan, so she wouldn't offend anyone. Then he apparently just plumb forgot about the whole thing.

While they were waiting for a doctor's appointment, he strolls over to the water cooler, pouring himself a cup. He looks back, casually, gesturing to see if she would like some. She shakes her head, acutely aware of a roomful of people who haven't had anything to drink in hours. He takes a nice long drink.

Then his cell phone rings, so he answers it. Strolls outside for a chat, where he can soon be seen outside the window, puffing away on a cigarette. Then he came back into the waiting room, still oblivious, everyone glaring, wife mortified.


alexander... said…
It's by no means unknown for people to be jailed for the balance of the month to learn respect...
Abdullah said…
thts no big deal .. i found it quite funny ..

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