I have tried camel milk, but did not find it Camelicious

I feel compelled to drink camel milk here, in this place that is really no friend of the environment. Cows are cranky, and require much air-conditioning to produce their milk. Camels, on the other hand, are unaffected by the heat. Camel milk is more nutritious than cows milk too, so what is the holdup?

It's just...that it's camel milk. I picked up a small bottle a couple of weeks ago – yes, it is called "Camelicious" and it comes in chocolate and strawberry. I tested it by using it in coffee. It was fine. I took a sip - different, but good. Then I left the bottle sitting on my desk all day, used it in a cup, and got halfway through before I realised it had gone off.

As I now have. Of camel milk.


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