Well hello there Dave Matthews and various camels in the Abu Dhabi desert!

Photo courtesy of Flash Entertainment.

I am so incredibly excited to see Dave Matthews Band at Du Arena on Yas Island tomorrow night. I've seen them once, in Ottawa, and it was a joyous experience. I feel like tomorrow is going to be better, mostly because I just can't believe that in my lifetime I am seeing such a great band on two continents. When I watched them the first time, I literally could not have fathomed seeing them again here.

You just never know.

I love this picture a lot, particularly the part where he pulls off shorts and black socks. Not very many men can do this. Laid-back fashion slow clap for Dave Matthews. 

Here's a nice look at the band's rise by The National's Rob Garratt. And Ashley Lane writes about what it's like to be a fan in the US, which makes you the subject of ridicule, apparently.

And you know there's a hashtag: #DaveMatthewsBandUAE



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