My bougainvillea lives!

There is lush bougainvillea growing all over Abu Dhabi and those little bursts of colour are one of my favourite small pleasures of living here. But last summer I bought a lush bougainvillea of my own for my balcony, and it promptly went on strike. Refusing to flower or really do anything. It grew some new leaves, but they never went anywhere (dried up and fell off) and it was so dormant I thought it was half-dead. I even considered throwing it out. Then this week I noticed little buds, then today, this!

I have never had anything close to a garden, meaning I have never known the inner joy that a moment like this brings. On another note, I did learn the hard way not to playfully swat a lush bougainvillea plant (check out the cool pic on that post! I never realised, if I do say so myself). I just wanted to pass on my story again to save anyone else from learning the lesson the hard way. 


Yellow Bells said…
does this means spring is here?

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