Starbucks, connecting and Emiratis

Scene: A downtown Starbucks. A Canadian in Abu Dhabi has gone to get an early-morning White Americano (a racist-sounding drink if ever there was one). She waits for her order to be filled. To her left is a beautiful, young Emirati woman. To her right, at the drink station, a tall, handsome Emirati man. She notices that the woman is wearing a beautiful abaya, with gorgeous, ribbon-type appliques. Sensing a rare opportunity to satisfy her ongoing quest to connect with locals, she goes for it.

A Canadian in Abu Dhabi: I love your abaya, it's gorgeous.

Beautiful Emirati woman: Thank you.

The man, having received his drink, walks past A Canadian in Abu Dhabi. He stops for what feels like micro-seconds, mumbles something she cannot hear to the beautiful Emirati woman, and swiftly leaves the Starbucks. A Canadian in Abu Dhabi is overcome with curiosity and, having previously and gloriously established the scantest of connections, decides it must be satisfied.

A Canadian in Abu Dhabi (hesitantly): Do you know him?

Beautiful Emirati woman, smiling: No.

A Canadian in Abu Dhabi: What did he say to you?

Beautiful Emirati woman, still smiling: He told me his phone number.

A Canadian in Abu Dhabi, who clearly cannot believe what she's just heard: He just stopped and told you his phone number?

Beautiful Emirati woman, laughing a little bit (to the relief of A Canadian in Abu Dhabi, who is not nearly done with her questions): Yes

A Canadian in Abu Dhabi: Do you remember it?

Beautiful Emirati woman, laughing now (which is still a relief): No!

A Canadian in Abu Dhabi: Why didn't he write it down? How are you supposed to remember it? Did you want it?

Beautiful Emirati woman, killing herself at this point (thank goodness, as A Canadian in Abu Dhabi is really being quite rude): No I don't want it!

A Canadian in Abu Dhabi: Are you mad?

Beautiful Emirati woman (still mellow): No. It's the way it goes here.

A Canadian in Abu Dhabi: Wow. Well, that is crazy! Thanks for answering my questions.

Beautiful Emirati woman, still smiling: Nice to meet you. 


Anonymous said…
This is quite common! There are a billion other ways guys try to flirt with ladies here. You will experience them all in good time. :P
I know it is Anonymous but I've never seen it in action! Fascinating!!! I just think maybe he should have written his number on a napkin, then she would have time to think about it. Who can remember a number these days?

JP said…
Phone Numbers from Strangers: When you're bored of humility and want more ego in your partner.
Anonymous said…
Boring story, boring blog. My god, how long are you going to keep this up?
Jaya J said…
Good piece of journalism by a Canadian in AD!
Dear grumpy Anonymous: I will keep writing as long as you keep reading! :) <3 xoxoxo

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