Simple sign nods to a simpler time

I noticed this a couple of weeks ago while I was having a power walk along the Corniche. I love how much of a throwback it is, the idea that in the middle of all this mayhem that is Abu Dhabi city, you really only have three ways to go: Al Bateen, Ministries Area and Hilton Hotel.

PS I feel a little sorry for the Hilton Hotel these days, if it's possible to feel sorry for a building (and I believe it is). It used to be one of the landmarks of the city and lately it's being dwarfed by the massive St Regis complex to the right and Etihad Towers to the left.  


The Nashman said…
good day and many apologies as this is one of the few blogs from expats in the UAE that is actually current.

i was wondering what the cost of living was like in Abu Dhabi at this moment? Basically, for a single person with a 'westernised' (meaning I need some items from Marks and Spencer) but frugal lifestyle, what is the average monthly spend on groceries? are we looking at the around 3000 AED a month?

many thanks
Hey sorry to take so long, I've been away. That is more than enough. I think two of use probably spend that (and I really like my speciality and health foods)
The Nashman said…
thanks for the I will spend much much time looking at the rental market...i hope many landlords will accept monthly terms rather than yearly payment but from the looks of it it seems possible.

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