Dear Emirates Palace

I had a fantastic time at the Wynton Marsalis concert on Monday night. I think it's really classy how you serve champagne and tiny sandwiches, and I have soon realised any vantage point is good - even the cheap seats.

It's about the bell-ringer.

The vigorous bell-ringer.

This man, the man you have assigned to ring the bell to tell us the show is about to start (10 minutes before the show, then 5 minutes before the show, then in the intermission) – this man that takes his job so very seriously. It made people look annoyed. I even saw a man and a woman covering their ears. I personally experienced some serious nerve-jangling, and instantly wished I was not going to a concert, or going back to a concert, but was instead at home on the couch in my pyjamas, watching reruns of How I Met Your Mother before turning in early.

Maybe for future concerts you could go the North American route? Gently dimming the lights? It seems to work over there. Or even a gentle ringing. That might work too.

Ann Marie McQueen


Hannah Beth said…
Now that I've completely caught up on your blog, I'm a little lost not knowing how I am going to fill the hours of my workday when I should be doing actual work... :)

Lindsey said…
My Dad and sister were at the symphony too!

What kind of bell are we talking about?
beautyalchemist said…
I was Hannah this time last year! Everyday I would furiously read as far back as I could until a co-worker or supervisor would stroll by; once the coast was clear, this window was back up in a heartbeat and the reading continued!
Jennifer said…
The Harry Connick Jr concert does not take place at Emirates Palace, it will be hosted in the New Abu Dhabi Hall at ADNEC. For more information visit
Awww, you guys are sweet! Glad to entertain.

Jennifer, my bad, it's not at Emirates Palace.

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