Things that happen at my Abu Dhabi workplace that I do not think happen anywhere else

1. Men in and out of the bathroom cleaning it, sometimes when I am in a stall and always when I really need to go
2. An infestation of biting ants under my desk
3. Take-out delivered right to one's desk. (See #2, perhaps)
4. My wastepaper basket, emptied at least four times a day.
5. Tea boys.
6. Women smoking in the bathroom, people smoking in the stairwell, bosses smoking in their offices
7. A woman who drops by weekly to offer the latest pirated DVDs. (That one, sadly, ended abruptly this week when management wised up)
8. A brand-new kitchen with stainless fridge and microwave... but no sink.
9. Unbelievably large, beetle-like bugs that also bite.
10. Loads of skinny stray cats meowing at whoever goes outside.


rosh said…
....and you were saying, celebs pump their own gas? that place is where the east truly meets the west.


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