Trends of the week (a semi-regular feature where I will try to keep up on and group together thingzzz going on in the world)

1) "Art Projects." First, Yale's Abortion Girl. Seriously. And now an award-winning German artist is looking for a dying subject to bounce light off of. And though he doesn't really fit in this list, I will add the state that British CNN correspondent was found to the list.

2)Peace and quiet. Silent raves are, well, all the rage. Last weekend 1,000 people gathering in NYC's Union Square for one. Apparently this is objectionable, as a silent rave planned for Washington, D.C. has been kiboshed. Then again, they aren't much for biting their tongue in the American capital, are they? The largest Silent Rave so far was apparently held in London, England in 2006, where 3,500 people gathered.

3) Pirates. Real ones.


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